December 20-29th. Sochi. «AquaLoo»



For grandmasters and players with Elo more than 2325 is not available!

Event’s conditions

   Swiss system, 9 rounds (8 days), FIDE rules

   Time limit is 90 minutes per game per player
                and 30 second per move starting from 1st 

   Entry fee for all participaints is 15 000 rubles

   Pairing result protests are not available

   Defeat by definition in case of late arrival within 30 minutes

   In case of equal points in final standing participants
                will get advantage in following cases:
          – by winning the most number of games
          – by truncated Buchholz system
          – by result of face-to-face game

   One player can get more than one prize

   The winner of event will present a glass of champagne
                to all participaints of a party!


December, 20


Start of registration
Party of acquaintance

December, 21


Open ceremony
Round 1

December, 22


Round 2

December, 23


Round 3

December, 24


Round 4

December, 25


Round 5
Round 6

December, 26


Round 7

December, 27


Round 8

December, 28


Round 9
Closing ceremony
Prizes receiving

December, 29





        300 000 rubles


2nd place

        200 000 rubles


3rd place

        100 000 rubles


4th place

        75 000 rubles


5nd place

        50 000 rubles


6-10 places

        40 000 rubles


11-15 places

        35 000 rubles


16-20 places

        30 000 rubles


21-30 places

         25 000 rubles


  Special prizes for the best juniors, woman, veterans                 
  and for players with Elo less than 2100 and 1900                 


         40 000 rubles


2nd place

         20 000 rubles


3rd place

          10 000 rubles


              Total guaranteed prize fund is 1 850 000!  
        Prize fund will be grow up by the adding of players. 

FIDE President

— Welcome to all participants of the Doroshkevich memorial!

As the president of FIDE I have always tried to make as many as possible people in the world playing chess. Each man who is siting down on the chess board is became more intelligent and thinking. Yes, not everyone is destined to be a professional chessplayer, but this doesn't prevent others get enjoying the game.

«Chess lover» sounds proudly. Frankly, the amateurs make up this nutritional environment, thanks to which chess becomes more and more popular in the world year by year. Sincerely glad that in the calendar along with usual tournaments there will be held a new unusual event. Applied to its participants, as no to one else, we can safely say "Gens una sumus". We are all one family!

On behalf of «Kirsan Fund» and on my own behalf I want to congratulate the organizers with a brilliant idea and to make every effort to ensure that there will be more and more such competitions for amateurs every year. Chess is connecring hearts...

                                                  Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of FIDE,
                                           Chairman of the board of «Kirsan Fund»


To be a player of Doroshkevich memorial you have to fill this form and pay the event fee. You can pay fee by the card, bank transfer or by cash (with 4000 comission) in a playing hall before start of the event. 

You can pay the entery fee and
accommodation right now...
Trough the credit card!