In recent days and weeks and almost every day we must explain to everyone from grandmaster to those who barely knows the rules of the chess...


Today on the growing site of WorldofChess.ru came another article about the upcoming Chess Amateurs Tournament. This time the interlocutor...


On the site WorldofChess.ru there was an article by the master FIDE Maria Larina, in which she painted in paints the conditions in which the «world’s...


It has been exactly a week since they announced the place and dates of the second Chess Tournament - April 1-7, Sochi, the hotel Bridge...


Exactly ten days left until the end of the race of reposts «Become an agent», as well as the best creative commentary on posts in social networks in the style of Emil Sutovsky. February is a short month, soon March will be: and rewards will find their heroes, and prize money - their wallets.
   We must admit that the activity of users of our public services has increased significantly in the latest week, and before concluding the interim results, I would like to thank everyone for the support of the Tournament of chess amateurs. And grandmasters biting their elbows from the fact that they can not take part in the show, and federations of different levels, and coaches, and arbitrators, and heads of clubs, and participants in the first tournament, and outside viewers. After all, we all love chess, which means - we are chess amateurs.

   Despite a sharp increase in activity of participants, the general trend has not changed. Still, Facebook remains the most popular resource. This also speaks about the fact that the chess amateurs of the Tournament are better known in large cities, where the share of FB users is higher than in the provincial VK.

   In many respects thanks to the activity of Elena Jobava, actively and free of charge inviting friends to the group, their number has been increased by more than a hundred - and reached 2,154 people. Plus there are 347 participants in the group in Russian and 153 in English. The popularity of the English page is growing at a frantic pace, although for some reason it lags behind in the texts for certain reasons.

   As for the activity of the masses, in spite of the fact that many people, out of habit, «press on the likes», for a week there were many more reposts and even comments!

   So, the recent leader of the race and concurrently the chief arbiter of the Tournament of Amateurs, Mikhail Kryukov, despite his other work in other competitions, continuing to share newsreel materials with his flock, already lags behind other activists. Those are smartly commenting and stuffing themselves with reputation points. Moreover, comments are always informative and on the case (apparently, the anger of the all-seeing Sutovskiy predicting the collapse of monosyllabic comments in the spirit of "cool", etc.) is afraid.

   So, Dmitry Kuznetsov has got almost 100 points.
     Tatiana Potapova - 94,
     Elena Jobava Zavgorodnya - 80
   and ... even without him, Andrei Buvaltsev (74) did not lag far behind him.

   Given that the number of posts (and the scope for comments) is constantly growing, it is possible that someone else wedged into this race.

   It should be noted that the same Jobava could greatly increase her bets in the fight for the first prize, publish all the participants of the FB invited to her with the tag #chessagent, for which there are 5 points. But, alas... the people keep silent.

   It's nice to note the growth in the number of subscribers in the group VK. It consists of 761 of people, and every post is viewed by several hundreds of people in a day. Among those who share them, the Krasnodar Region the Chess Federations of the city of Sochi, Kerch, Feodosia, as well as St. Petersburg, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk have noticeably stepped up.

   As for personal initiative, a man from Kemerovo, Andrey Buvaltsev, is leading with a big margin. He breaks through on all fronts (including in a creative contest, which almost every day is supplied with new texts). On his personal account already over 200 points, we lost count. Almost twice less than Tatiana Potapova. And behind it - a whole women's battalion: Oksana Gritsaeva, Marina Baraeva, Margarita Potapova and Nikita Tarasenko.

   It is worth to note also one of the participants of the first tournament - Vasiliev, who is the representative of the Novosibirsk Chess Club. Although he does not claim prizes for such an active counterpart, he has already made 14 reposts for various publications.

   Slowly but surely, the number of subscribers is also added to Instagram. We do not like the first, the second - inspires. Although this is just a drop in the ocean, there are also those who scan the network constantly and are happy with every new job.

   We are waiting for the network to fill up posts with hashtags #chessamateur, #sochichess2018 and others connected with the Tournament of amateurs very soon.

   If we talk about figures, the most active user, as before, you probably already guessed - Mr. Buvaltsev. He pressed the "heart" 36 times. With 38 posts posted in our public - almost absolute result.

   Elena Jobava has got 25
     Marina Barayeva (it's scary to imagine what will happen if her sister Irina joins) - 22 - Lauzeniro Andrade.

   Finally, about Twitter. There is some kind of cognitive dissonance. So, over the past week, the tweets ChessAmateur1 - and there are 82 of them - have been shown 7,229 times (not bad for the public, to which only 13 people have signed so far), but... noted them as usual little. Even the ubiquitous Andrei Buvaltsev - only 16 marks. The rest - somewhere at the level of statistical error.

   To admit, this sluggish attitude to our Twitter, the most operative among micro-blogs, causes a desire to somehow stimulate the subscription and activity of future participants of the Tournament of chess amateurs. So, the question is practically solved: it is Twitter which will be the first to tweet about the drawing of lots and other important information related to the Tournament of amateurs. In the same place, we intend to conduct surveys that will influence the decisions taken.

   So, please, subscribe to twitter.com/chessamateur1 - and keep abreast of all the events at the Amateur Tournament, and before and after it ;)

   And the main event of this post is that you probably already understood: the owner of the first prize in the «race of reposts» was practically determined. If nothing extraordinary happens, it will be my dearest Andrey Buvaltsev.

Recall the distribution of prize amounts:
     1st place - 30,000 rubles
     2nd place - 20,000 rubles
     3rd place - 10,000 rubles

Next Monday we will publish new reports. In the meantime, we recall the order of scoring in the contest for the next 10 days:

     — like to post - 1 point
     — comment - 2 points
     — repost / retweet - 3 points
     — subscription to the channel - 4 points
     — reduced guest - 5 points

   And a couple of words about the creative contest. Here crowbar clicks parade does not win, you need true inspiration! As the general Buldakov said: «The toast should be short as a shot... Otherwise there will be no time for rest». And the author of the best shot is waiting for 20,000 rubles and Emil's praise.

   Re-read the texts of the news tape, maybe they inspire on a brilliant comment? It does not have to be verbose.

   Write, create, comment, share with friends... The race continues!

(c) Chess amateurs international 2018