In recent days and weeks and almost every day we must explain to everyone from grandmaster to those who barely knows the rules of the chess...


On the site WorldofChess.ru there was an article by the master FIDE Maria Larina, in which she painted in paints the conditions in which the «world’s...


It has been exactly a week since they announced the place and dates of the second Chess Tournament - April 1-7, Sochi, the hotel Bridge...


The most important asset in any business is, of course, people! We want to see as many participants as possible in the Tournament...


Today on the growing site of WorldofChess.ru came another article about the upcoming Chess Amateurs Tournament. This time the interlocutor of the editor-in-chief was the president of ArchibaldChess Sergey Beshukov.
   ...As we have already reported, from April 1 to 7 in Sochi there will be a tournament of chess amateurs with a prize fund of almost two million rubles.

   The other day on the official page of the chessamateur.ru series, the registration of the participants has been opened and also has been opened the acceptance of contributions for participants of adult and children's tournaments too.

   Not so long ago, the director of the series Eugeny Atarov shared the main ideas of the new competition for chess amateurs not professionals. Today our guest is the founder of Chess Amateurs International Sergey Beshukov. Over the past 20 years, he was noted in almost all forms - as a grandmaster, coach, organizer and federation’s president of the region. However, in the last six months all his thoughts have been occupied with a new idea, which has almost no analogues in the world of chess.

   We have already talked about how the idea was born and about the motivation that stimulates him. I wanted to find out how Sergey imagine the future of his project in a year, three years and in ten years .In what his project can turn?

   Now it is time for our interview : let’s begin

   — So, Sergey, you actively advertise the Tournament of chess amateurs in social networks, on sites and forums. What channels of information promotion do you consider to be the most effective?
   — So, We live in the digital age, every chess player has got a computer with the Internet or a smartphone, and therefore I consider the advertising of the tournament on the network as the most effective. Even if someone does not recognize himself, he will hear from friends and acquaintances. With the schedule of tournaments that we have outlined, we simply do not have time for large-scale campaigns!
   Every two months - a new event... Now Sochi, in June - Minsk, we must do everything quickly. Therefore social network - a good option for drawing attention to the series. We work with the audience of the most popular chess sites, we search, we try. The fact is that no one really knows where our target audience is, we have to find different ways...
   The aim in our short messages is not simple: It is necessary not only to talk about our tournament but the main idea is to push people to make a decision about the trip to our Tournament.

   — Is it difficult?
   — You can not even imagine how. Chess players - are inert people, as usual decisions take a long time. The arguments «not to go» are always more than «to go». Besides, now we are not talking about professionals who do not have the habit of chess players constantly move from place to place.

   — For unprepared reader can find an entrance fee of 30 thousand quite substantial for a weekly tournament amount.
   — If you look at this figure in terms of the average salary of Russians, it is a lot. But... if you think about what players are getting for these 30 thousands, it may seem even understated. All the same, we are going to hold all our tournaments in hotels of not less than 4 stars, with a full board. It is expensive.
   I’m surprised when players ask if you can not live in your hotel? We aren’t talking about the participants from Sochi, we are talking about visitors. We do not force anyone, but... what will they find for themselves on «saved» money ?! Instead of a decent hotel and good food, it's unclear what. And why is this?
   If we are abstracted from chess, then we can say that we are developing the sphere of tourism except for the game offering people a full rest. What is the point of rejecting it?

   — Tell me please: why are the chess players of your rating range massively taking part in the traditional Aeroflot Open and Moscow Open?
   — You yourself answered - because they are traditional. People are used to the fact that each year at this time, there is at first one, and then the second open. A lot of them even do not leave Moscow in the interval between them. They do not know about us yet, but when they get used to our tournaments, I'm sure they will choose them.

   — Do you think so?
   — Why not? let’s compare prize funds, living conditions and games. To my mind we have got much better conditions .And we will try to keep our brand on the level.

   — How many players are you waiting for?
   — In Sochi we will be happy if there are 200 participants . And if we pass through the 250 mark, we will consider this a huge success...
   As for second tournament in Minsk which will be held at the end of June, we are already aiming at other figures.

   — Do you already have a calendar for this year?
   — I do not like to promise what I can not do, so I can only name Minsk with confidence. Now we are negotiating with the hotel, also 4-star, with the rest there is no problem. The federation supports us, has already included us in the competition calendar, and besides Belarus chess players only say that about our tournament!
   There is an agreement with Bridge Resort about the tournament in October-November, but everything will be depending on how successfully the two nearest ones will be held.

   — We've heard yet about St. Petersburg...
   — While all this is on the level of conversations.

   — Let's go back to Sochi then. Can you name the first registered participants?
   — I will give you only one name - Andrey Buvaltsev. He won our creative contest for the «best game» in December, and actively took up the promotion of the series in his native town Kemerovo. And, probably, not one will come. Already on the first day after the registration was opened, the «package» was bought by 9 people.

   — How do you track the geography of those interested?
   — So.The geography is wide: from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Krasnodar, in fact, they come to us from all over Russia. And after the success in the first tournament Alexei Terzi and Dmitry Novitsky, who took 1st and 3rd places, I am sure there will be a «landing» from Belorussia. We are waiting for guests from Armenia, perhaps from Ukraine. They write to us from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and quite unexpected people...
   For example, one participant is writing: “One year ago I learned to play, and already wants to try my hand”. In fact, it's not so important, from where they will come to us, the attitude to all the participants will be the same for us. Good - to all.

   — In the regulations it is written: you have the right to refuse registration to any chess player without explanation. Do I understand correctly that this mainly applies to those players who purposely reduce their rating to participate in such amateur competitions?
   — All right. Before the eyes of the sad experience of the first two Aeroflot C, under which people godlessly melted the rating. We have this will not work ... We generally think a lot about protecting players from a dishonest game. But in December, they were much more concerned about fighting cheaters (there was a big program and it was generally a success - there was not a single remark for the whole tournament), so at the end one player who had previously been noticed in such actions was missed. Now he is forever deprived of the right to play in the series of tournaments.

   — What prompts you?
   — An experience. Chess players of different levels want to take part in our tournaments and for players having Elo of 2000 , a rival with 2300 is like a grandmaster. So we will either expand the ranges of the rating, or introduce a wider rotation for the participants in the lower segment. I think it would be wrong to do for them a separate tournament, but you can stimulate their participation by introducing to the existing additional prizes, in different categories. Although we have got them : There are already 15! As usual, everything should be determined by practice.

   — Well, we wish success to your offspring. A little jealous, as you have everything built, thought out. So I want to ask - really, in the course of preparation are there no difficulties, no problems?
   — Why, they happen at all. But personally, I've been doing chess for almost 20 years, so I'm not surprised at anything. Well and in overcoming difficulties and problems your level of readiness, competence, strength of your command is shown. We have a small one - Eugeny Atarov and Kirill Bryzgalin - but they follow everything literally. I want to assure that in tournaments held by our company ArchibaldChess, for the players everything will be done that is possible. Come - you will not regret!

   — Then the last question: tell me, where did the mascot of your tournaments come from - Archibald. Who is this at all?
   — There's a whole story. For the anniversary, I received a gift from my family - a ring from Cartier, made in the form of a panther's head. It so happened that I like to give names to my things, and called it «Sir Archibald», and only then, when this whole topic started with chess tournaments, I suggested using it as a logo.
   Eugeny worked with the artist, and turned out a chess piece with a panther's head. This is Archibald, and our company, which holds Tournaments of chess amateurs - ArchibaldChess. Memorable name and a bright logo, which is important for the promotion of new projects.

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