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Section «C», the youngest of 3 tournaments of the resurrected Aeroflot has slightly slowed down but still in the trend... Certainly we couldn’t pass the tournament by which was at the beginning of “2300” universe and decided to drop a visit to the Cosmos.
   Cosmos built for Moscow Olympiс Games 80 was always close to chess community. Chess Olympiad-94 took place here, there lived participants of all Kremlin Stars stages of the famous Grand Prix PCA. Here, in the Kasparov’s and Makarov’s epoch was set most of the federation events, among them the grand blitz match of 24 games among Kasparov and Kramnik. All in all a «sacred» for chess place and it isn’t by a sudden that Aeroflot Open was hosted there.

   Speaking about Aeroflot, everyone thinks only about the main tournament. Remembering its youngest brunch only in the connection of some scandals: waves of fixed results, cheaters and many others. All these adds to the reputation of the tournament «C» being crooked.

   No wonder the attitude to it is cold. This goes along with the beginning of the rounds 9:30 a.m., given the fact that none of the Russians, and they are the majority of the tournament don’t leave in the Cosmos nor in the nearest hotels.Not to be late for the game they have to wake up before dawn. Even the time control in this tournament differs from «A» and «B» without scaring who and how are playing there.

   Some numbers. This year 92 persons set at the chessboards at the Aeroflot Open, which is less for 20 than in 2017 (112) but more for 30 than in 2016 (64) and in 2015 (58). It’s hard to say whether the organizers recruit participants for this tournament: if to read advertising booklet it’s hardly mentioned, keeping a mind that the entry fee is the same as in the «A» and «B» 400 euros.

   In the whole the tournament is quiet friendly it to get rid of the feeling of being second-quality and one can see on the first boards all those faces who in December fought in the Doroshkevich Memorial in Sochi. All of them a bit later appeared in the Moscow Open, which goes along with the idea that we need to work hard for the bigger rotation of players at the matter tournaments, otherwise we risk to turn into the shadow of the elite round Robin with the same force playing in the same tournaments.

   For the tournament in Alexeevsky was spared the remote part of the hall separated from players by chairs. In the rest it’s all the same:as quite no fuss-perfect conditions for casual reading in the library. There is no even demand for phones to be handed out. The list of participants is of all colours and races: on the first boards people from the previous tournaments and the rest are children, pensioners, foreigners and etc, mainly Indians, some Chinese, Asians and rare Europeans. Absolutely clear that there is no mass rush in this direction.Surprisingly is the fact that 25 % from the bottom of the Aeroflot Open «B» could have played in the «C».

   We came to the agreement to the organizers hand out booklet of the Amateurs Tournament on the table for the participants and cane to the conclusion that only Russian speaking participants showed interests for Sochi.

   The Indians only fiddled in hands the samples and put ones back-it’s clear that there is a need to top directly to the head of the delegation. Many came up, appealed for information, details(not just when and how much money one could win) but for specific conditions, excursions and rest entertainment. 

   Finally, we broke through! What left is to present the project for the auditory, It’s quite possible that after this the number of potential participants will grow. If people consider paying 400 euros entry fee it is sensible to add 33 euros and get for this money a full board, 4 star hotel, and the prize fund bigger by third than in Moscow.

(c) Chess amateurs international 2018