Accommodation on Dorohkevich memorial event


«AquaLoo» is a huge hotel complex. There is many different building and rooms — for any case and budget. In basic equipment you can get the «standart» room. The cost of single room and full board for 10 night is 19 000 rubles ($330) for players and 20 000 rubles ($345) for supporters/guest of event. 

In case of accommodation in two-bed room any players will pay 13 000 rubles ($225), supporters - 14 000 rubles ($240) for one person. The place’s cost in of three-bed room is 11 000 rubles ($190) for players and 13 000 rubles ($225) for supporters/guest of event.

You can up quality of rooms. The cost of «standart comfort» room will rise to 5 000 rubles ($75). The cost of «lux» room will rise to 10 000 rubles ($150) and plus 20 000 rubles ($300) for «appartment».


All guest of event will get full board in a restrautns of «AquaLoo» complex. The bar is available 24/7. 


Whater complex of «AquaLoo» is working whall year... There are heated open sweeming pool, spa, saunas, massage & fitness halls. You can play bowling, tennis, mini-football or basketball. Don’t forgot about night club, wine&tea club and, of cause, Black Sea walking. There is a kids playground with animators. 

Standart room

The area of the complex is divided into six buildings — «Amber», «Azure», «Paradise», «Sea», «Emerald» & «Crystal». The rooms of different levels of comfort have everything you need.

Restraunt «Russkaya trapeza»

On the area of «AquaLoo» more than ten restaurants - European, Russian and Georgian cuisine. You can use the buffet or individually order each meal during lunch and dinner.

Woterpak of «AquaLoo»

Water attractions of the park are open all year round, in winter time only slides are closed. Pools (including outdoor), a spa, saunas are available any day — from early morning to late evening.